Padel Americano tournament

Padel Americano is one of the easiest and most appreciated ways to organize a padel tournament. It is fun, fair, social and suitable for all levels and ages.

Rules of padel americano

The rules of an americano padel tournament are quite simple:

  1. In Americano you compete individually but play in pairs.
  2. The teams change every match and the tournament is normally over when everyone has played against everyone else.
  3. Each match is played for a certain number of points. Normally 16, 24 or 32.
  4. Each team serves 2-4 times, then the serve is passed to the opponent.
  5. Each ball won is worth one point. Once all balls have been played the score is entered and then transferred to the individual players.
  6. If a match finishes 10-14. Player 1 and 2 gets 10 points each. Player 3 and 4 gets 14 points each.
  7. When all matches have been played the player that has collected the most points wins the tournament.

Team americano

Americano can also be played in teams. It works exactly as the indivdual americano but insted of being played individually you compete in pre-arranged teams.

Basic organisation of an Americano tournament

To play an americano padel tournament you need at least 4 participants or teams. There is no upper limit to how many participants that can join. However, it is always best if it is a number that is evenly divisible by four.

  • The number of padel courts needed depends on the number of participants.
  • It is best if the number of courts matches the number of players. 4 players = 1 court, 8 players = 2 courts and so on.
  • It’s fine to mix levels but if the differences are too large you may consider splitting your Americano into separate groups or to choose the Mexicano padel tournament instead.
  • The normal playing time for an americano is about 2 hours. A 24 point match takes about 10 minutes to play.
  • Before you start prepare a template where you can enter scores and results.