Padel levels in Spain

If you play padel it is important to know your skill level. Depending on where you play these levels are described differently.

On this page we try to decribe the different padel levels and how they relate to each other in different countries.

What is your padel level?

In our descriptions below we explain and compare the padel level systems in Spain and Sweden.

In Spain they basically use two different padel level systems. These are the player skill levels (ES 1.0-7.0) and the tournament category levels (first, second, third, fourth and fifth). Sweden only use one skill level system (SE 1-10).

Beginner padel levels

  • ES1.0=SE1 – Players who have just started playing padel and has no experience on the court.
  • ES1.5=SE2 – Padel players who have played a few times and know the basic strokes but has difficulty keeping the ball in play.
  • ES2.0=SE3 – This player can perform the basic stokes but is lacking in control and power. He/she avoids the backhand and finds it difficult to perform volleys and serves.
  •  ES2.5=SE3 – This player have a decent forehand and is beginning to manage backhands, serves and forehand volleys.

Intermidiate padel levels

  • ES3.0/cat5=SE4 – This player has a good forehand and can control the backhand, serve, forehand lob, forehand volley and slow rebounds from the glass.
  • ES3.5/cat5=SE5This player has a strong forehand, makes few misstakes on the backhand and can serve with slice. He/she can use aggresive forehand volleys at the net, has started to master the bandeja and powerful forehand returns after the glass.
  • ES4.0/cat4=SE6 – This player has a reliable forehand and can play the backhand with control and power. He/she has a more aggressive serve, can perform deep powerful volleys and is using bandejas and smashes with good control.
  • ES4.5/cat4=SE6 – This player has an aggressive forehand, a powerful backhand and serves with precision. He/she has good control on all volley shots, is continously using the glass for returns, smashes with power and puts effect on the ball with the bandejas and bajadas.

Advanced padel levels

  • ES5.0/cat3=SE7 – This player has a well controlled and powerful forehand, backhand and serve. He/she knows how to place the ball in the opponents weak spots and attacks aggressively on the volleys, sending the balls deep in the court. The overhead game is consistent, special shots like the drop shot is integrated into the game as well as using the walls effectivly.
  • ES5.5/cat2=SE8 – This player has all the qualities of the ES5/SE7 player but with even more accuracy and power. He/she plays with consitency and strenght without making unneseesary misstakes. This player also makes good decicions on the court based on stategy and the ablity to read the game.

Professional padel level

ES6.0-7.0/cat1 = SE9-10

For players on these levels there is no need for catgorisation. The skill of the player is predominantly detimined by their placements in different tournaments and leuges.

A player at level ES6.5/SE9 plays national tournaments frequently and with good results. Level ES7/SE10 players play international tournaments and matches.