Padel in Torrevieja

The padel lovers guide to Torrevieja!

So you want to play padel in Torrevieja and surrounding areas? Then you have come to the right place!

Torrevieja has 320 days of sunshine per year and a very active padel cummunity.

In Torrevieja and neighbouring areas Guardamar, Playa Flamenca, La Zenia, Campoamor and Mil Palmeras you find:

  • 7 padel venues
  • 42 outdoor padel courts
  • 9 covered or indoor padel courts
  • 3 shops with padel equipment.
  • 15+ padel trainers.
  • 1 padel school for children
  • 30+ organized padel activities per week.

Let´s start with what we can find within the city limits of Torrevieja. Then we take a look at the surrounding areas.

Padel courts in Torrevieja

Within the city limits of Torrevieja there are four padel venues.

  1. Nova Padel – one of two indoor padel venues in Torrevieja. Nova has 3 indoor and one outdoor padel court and this is where the serious local padel players goes to play. The athmosphere is focused on the game, the level high and the matches intense.
  2. Los Angeles Padel – located inside a very cosy bar and leisure area called Bar Los Angeles. The atmosphere is relaxed and players of all levels, ages and nationalities meet up to enjoy padel, drinks, live music and a dip in the pool.
  3. Padel-In – the second indoor padel venue in Torrevieja. It has friendly atmosphere, lots of padel activities and many Swedish padel players of all ages and levels.
  4. Marina Internacional Padel – two outdoor padel courts run by the Marina Internacional Apartment Hotel located in the Torrevieja International Marina area. The courts are in decent shape but the focus of this venue is not primarily padel.

Padel trainers in Torrevieja

Almost every padel venue in and around Torrevieja are cooperating with padel trainers that can be booked through the venue. The price is 30-50 € per training session.

Here are some great suggestions for private padel trainers that you can easily book online right now:

  • Chelu Velasco – a spanish padel trainer offering his services at Los Angeles Padel in central Torrevieja.
  • Javier Ricote Diaz – a spanish padel trainer at CDM Orihuela Costa (near Punta Prima).

Padel shops in Torrevieja

First of all there is no large padel shop in Torrevieja or in it´s vicinity. To find these types of shops you need to go to Alicante or Murcia.

However in Torrevieja there are some shops with padel equipment:

  • Dechatlon, Zenia Boulevard – this is a huge sports store located in the Zenia Boulevard shopping center 10 km south of Torrevieja. It has the best supply of padel rackets, grips, padel balls and padel shoes in the area.
  • Forum Sport, Habaneras – this is a large sports shop located in the Habaneras shopping centre in Torrevija. It has a decent supply of padel equipment and is the best option for padel gear within the Torrevieja city limits.
  • Sprinter Torrevieja, – this is a large sports shop located near the Habaneras shopping centre. It has a decent supply of padel gear and is the second best option for padel gear inside the Torrevieja city limits.
  • Padel venues with shops – some of the padel venues in the area have small padel shops. These are; Nova Padel (rackets, balls, shoes) and El Capitan (Legend padel rackets),

Padel school in Torrevieja

There is no padel school for kids in Torrevieja so to find padel training for your children you have two options:

  1. Ricote Padel Academy – the only oranized padel school for for children in the area. It´s located near Punta Prima (about 8 km from Torrevieja) and offers training for children in age groups from 6-15 years.
  2. Hire a private padel trainer – you pay for each lesson. Most trainers offers group training. Team up with some other parents and make your own padel school.

Padel tournaments and activities

Joint padel activities like Pay and Play, Americano and Winner Court tournaments are very popular with the expat community in and around Torrevieja.

In Torrevieja there is one venue that organize padel activities on a regular basis. That is Padel-In. However in nearby Playa Flamenca, La Zenia, Campoamor and Mil Palmeras there are plenty of options which you can read more about below.

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