Padel-In Torrevieja

Padel-In is an indoor padel venue located just outside the Torrevieja city center. 

  • Padel-In offers – two double and one single padel court.
  • Normal opening hours – Monday to Thursday 09:00-23:00. Friday-Saturday 09:00-21:30 to Sunday 09:00-23:00.
  • Adress – C. Acacio Rebagliato Pamies 18, Torrevieja.

Padel booking at Padel-In

Padel-In cannot be booked online at this page. Your nearest options for online padel booking at Pistas365 is:

  1. Nova Padel in Torrevieja (indoor padel courts).
  2. Los Angles Padel in Torrevieja (outdoor courts).

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Padel-In location

Contact information

Phone: +34 123 456 789