Marina International Padel

Marina International Padel is a padel venue located in the international marina in Torrevieja.

  • Marina International Padel offers – 2 outdoor padel courts with sea view.
  • Padel training – Padel trainer Adrian Cespedes offers his services at this location.
  • Adress – Puerto Deportivo Marina Internacional, Playa Acequión, S/N, 03181 Torrevieja.
  • Opening hours – Monday to Sunday 08:00-23:00.

Padel court rent

The padel courts at Marina International Padel can not be booked online at this page. Your nearest options for online padel booking at Pistas365 is:

  1. Nova Padel in Torrevieja (indoor padel courts).
  2. Los Angles Padel in Torrevieja (outdoor courts).

Are you the owner of Marina International Padel? Please visit our partner page to find out how we can help you.

Padel training

Padel training at Marina International Padel in Torrevieja

If you want padel training at Marina Internacional you can contact Adrian Cespedes. Adrian offers private training, and group training.

To read more about this padel trainer and to reserve your padel training at the padel courts in Marina International please visit his website Padel Training in Torrevieja.

Marina International Padel location

Contact information

Apartamentos Marina Internacional Hotel
Phone: +34 965 707 961 / +34 663 766 133